Why Cheaters Cheat?

Yours Promiscuously,

Some years back I wouldn’t have lifted a brow if I found out that a guy who was trying to get in my pants had a girlfriend.

Today, I found myself all crazy, going, “I cannot believe it! He has a girlfriend!! OMG I feel sick in the stomach!

I sat Jenna down, whined about how I found out that Logan used to F a mutual friend and has a girlfriend back in Germany. I then proceeded to go on and on about how I stalked Lance’s social media and found out he too has a girlfriend.

Jenna listened patiently with no expression whatsoever. When I was done, she asked, “So what’s the problem exactly?”


OK, so clearly my brains have gotten a little wuzzy from being single.

It seems I cannot begin to understand why these hot, successful men who were Godlike in the sack would commit to…

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Is a Ménage á Trois right for you?

A Casual Fucking

At some point in every person’s relationship, they ask themselves the inevitable question “should we have a threesome?” It sounds exciting, it’s new, it spices things up….so why not? Yeah, let’s go for it!


There are a couple of things you need to consider first.

  1. Are you a jealous person? Picture your partner having sex with someone else. Do you feel a deep, volatile rage light up right underneath your sternum? Go no further. You are not ready for a threesome, and I can’t promise that you won’t make an attempt on someone’s life.
  2. Is your partner a jealous person? Ask them how they would feel about watching you with someone else. If you see a small volcano erupt in each eye and a cartoonish stream of steam shooting from their ears, you should definitely not have a threesome.
  3. Make sure you’re both being very honest…

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When should I have sex for the first time?

Guide for Girls

Alright ladies, I started this blog because I have a lot of regrets.  They aren’t all about sex, but regrets about sex are seemingly inevitable.  Somewhere, I can’t remember where, I heard something like “not a single one of my girl friends has ever said to me ‘I wish I started having sex sooner.'”  That really hit home.  Not because I lost my virginity at an incredibly young age.  I didn’t.  It was because I don’t remember any role models talking to me honestly about sex and giving me good reasons to wait.

There are a lot of good reasons to wait to have sex for the very first time, or for this first time with a new partner.  They all revolve around protecting yourself.  Sex can be fun, but it can also be damaging to one’s physical and mental health.  Here are my top reasons to wait to have…

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Are You Having a ‘Several-Night Stand’? Here’s why you should probably stop

Are You Having a ‘Several-Night Stand’? Here’s why you should probably stop Are you seeing a woman regularly, spending good time together, figuring out sex things she likes, getting increasingly efficient blowjobs and talking about your feelings with enthusiastic adoration toward her, but would bristle at her suggestion that you’re having an actual relationship? Then you... Continue Reading →

The Outfit

Hurriedly moving up the steps of the courthouse, Louis Vuitton briefcase in left hand, wavy hair flowing with every step, you rescue your white cashmere scarf with your right hand, before the wind takes it prisoner.  The cool autumn air creeped in, making it necessary to wear your red Akris double face wool coat.  You approach the security gate. You... Continue Reading →

10 Mistakes Women Make

As a man I’ve observed, through my personal interactions with women, that there are basic things that majority of women do that majorly hinder winning over a man’s heart. Understanding these things can help women not sabotage their own relationships. 1. Using SEX as a weapon I’m not specifically referring to s*x itself, but rather... Continue Reading →

How did we get here?

ms brabo

It is amazing how fast your life can change. I’ve watched people come and go in the blink of an eye. Monday someone can be the person crossing the world to help you and by Friday you are breaking in half because of the words and actions of the same person.

No one ever envisions his or her life with the heartache and the pain that comes with it. When someone asks you what your five-year plan is, you don’t include thoughts of breakups, deaths, depression, addiction, job loss. You envision all the great things that are coming your way, the family you wish to start, the new job you plan to chase, the new city you will move to and adventure or the degree you are working to complete.

Hindsight is 20/20. But if I look back 5 years, there is little that was included in the five-year plan…

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What do you do about Writer’s Block?

Writer's Block - It's the worse! Especially when you have so much to say, and no outlet to really say it. I'll explain. In the past, when I date, I would find wonderful, energetic, and passionate women, it inspired writing. Women are real treasures and have so much to offer. Even if we weren't "right... Continue Reading →

The Cabin

A original short story by me where a two people catch themselves exploring the fall experience, only to be met with an unexpected adventure through the woods. The summer months faded; the autumn leaves descended from the tall trees forming a vibrant carpet covering over the country road. These colorful leaves laid and bounced off the front windshield... Continue Reading →

NYC Women’s March

I've been visiting New York City the past week. It's been wonderful working and meeting new people. Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend the Women's March. It was hard to avoid. People were marching everywhere. There was no "one" direction people marched. They overtook the city. Not just women, but men as well. If... Continue Reading →

I love her…

"I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything." - F. Scott Fitzgerald


"Never ruin someone's life with a lie, when your world can be destroyed with the truth." - Me

How to ignite the conversation…

When I got back into the dating world, it was really hard not to sound like a broken record with each new date, repeating the same questions over and over. In fact, I went on a few speed dating events to help me change my poor dating skills. Everyone at the speed dating events were asking... Continue Reading →

Lay me down…

Lay me down, get ready to play, clear your calendar, to make love all day. Start with kisses, touch me low, caress me tight, as we take it slow. -- Me

My first true love, Ruby

Ruby was my first true love; I forget she existed. We were both from the same conservative church, both virgins, both dedicated to "God". She was an year older, so, at the time, being a 21 year old guy seemed like a big deal (she often acted older and thought I needed someone "younger" than her).... Continue Reading →

The Watermark

It was a mystery. I wasn't myself. My vision blurred and the noise surrounding me dissolved into the distance. I couldn't explain what had happened. It was an enchantment that overpowered my senses. It was without reason or scientific explanation...whenever she entered my presence. The world emptied into grayness with only her figure gleaming towards me. My heartbeat... Continue Reading →

Water Your Grass

"The grass is greener, where you water it." - Neil Barringham Relationships are hard. They don't just grow automatically. Those around us don't always have all the answers. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. You have to work at it - invest time and energy! In a balanced relationship, you both invest in... Continue Reading →

"Happy Wife, Happy Life" those are the words I would always hear as advice the first time I got married. So no matter how bad things were going, as long as she was happy, I was suppose to have a "happy life". I let her win every conversation, and tell her she was always right.... Continue Reading →

True Love

You will never experience true love, if at first, you don't surrender yourself to it. We protect ourselves so much (hide our true selves, make new people pay for what others did to us, pull away whenever we feel we are getting too close) that we cheat ourselves of true love. Put the camera down,... Continue Reading →

Why This Blog? A reason to write... I enjoy my time with so many of my lady friends. But they share common issues - dating and relationships. I had my own issues with dating and am thankful for the advice I received and lessons learned. Of course, advice alone doesn't help. I had to make... Continue Reading →

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