My first girlfriend, Lissette

When I was seven, we moved from an apartment to a single family home. That house was a huge fixer-upper. My parents got it cheap but there was lots of work to do. We spent years fixing up the walls, installing new floors, and remodeling the basement so we could rent it out. We rented it out to a few people – some good experiences, others not so great. Usually they would be people from the church trying to get a start in life. Usually they would be single or a couple.

One year we rented out to a family we knew for years. They were from the church and when they moved in, they had a 10-year old son and a 7-year old daughter. They also had a 14-year old but she lived with relatives in another country. The last I had seen her was when she was 9 years old so I vaguely remember her being a sweet kid. I never understood why she was sent away but she may have had issues at home. Of course, I was a 16-year old teenager who was constantly having friends over since I lived close to the school. I didn’t have a girlfriend yet but I had many lady friends. Unfortunately, I was not a good-looking guy but I was closer to girls than guys so I learned how they talked. I also learned to let go and have a sense of humor, so I often could make someone laugh.

Months later the family told us that their oldest daughter, Lissette, would come to live with them. I didn’t think much of it. I just remembered her as this little kid. When I met her the first time, I was struck by how beautiful she had become. It was hard to take your eyes off her. She had long brown hair, petite, curvy body, and a killer smile. I didn’t give her much thought after that since we were “so different” being 2 years apart! But I would learn she had a crush on me and her shyness prevented us from talking.

LissetteLong story short, we started talking on the stairway entrance to both of our doors. I walked her to her bus, and later we become girlfriend-boyfriend. Her father was against it at first, even after I bravely confronted him. So we would secretly meet on the stairway when her parents were out. She was my first kiss. We would kiss for hours…she loved how I could make her laugh.

I’d later find out how difficult it was having a beautiful girlfriend, even at church. Guys would constantly talk to her. She loved the attention and didn’t know how to handle her emotions or protect mine (obviously we were young). I would get jealous and we wouldn’t talk for days. Then we’d talk on the phone as if nothing had happened. She’d never tell me how she felt about me directly. It was usually told to me by her mother – which was awkward.

She moved to an apartment shortly after, and we would hang out at her place. A cycle of rumors would surround her. Guys who were trying to get to her or didn’t care that she had a boyfriend. There were lots of lies started up just to get me upset – it worked. It was an emotional roller-coaster. She always acted like I was the one, and then we wouldn’t talk for days.

We started experimenting later. I would massage her breasts (and saying stupid things like how one felt bigger than the other or wondering why her nipples would get hard), and she liked stroking my dick (and wondering why liquid would start to drip the longer she stroked…I didn’t know either haha). We would do this daily on her parents couch while her mom was cooking behind us. She liked the risk, and so did I! But we were never left alone. It’s a good thing because more was planned should we ever be alone.

Ultimately, jealousy, rumors, and the emotional roller-coaster got the better of us, and all was done on our third breakup. We still kept in touch but found out she was in an abusive home, and her being sent away from her parents was a result of her emotional issues. Being sent away would only make things worse. She was in and out of abusive relationship all her life, even being sent to psych hospitals at one point which was a result of bad parenting. She divorced twice and had 4 kids, and she occasionally appears and disappears on Facebook.

What I learned:

  1. Just because you are beautiful, it doesn’t mean you will have a happy life.
  2. Men are disrespectful and immature. Many will compete with you.
  3. Emotions can be very dangerous and I had to learn to control myself.
  4. Pretty women are just as insecure about their bodies.
  5. That I didn’t know how to touch a woman yet.
  6.  Society “values” women on their looks. When I would tell someone who my girlfriend was, never did someone say “she’s a nice girl” or “she has a great sense of humor”. People would say, “oh, she’s so pretty,” especially other women.
  7. I liked having my dick stroked… a lot. Even though I never cam, I have to control that “leak” issue!
  8. You don’t know what’s going on in someone’s life until you ask.
  9. For some women, humor and listening can be more powerful than a cute face and hot body.
  10. And….that I was a “catch”. Despite me being surrounded by female friends, none ever mentioned it or showed me how to get across the friend-zone until I had a girlfriend.

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