The Watermark

Heart WatergroundIt was a mystery. I wasn’t myself. My vision blurred and the noise surrounding me dissolved into the distance. I couldn’t explain what had happened. It was an enchantment that overpowered my senses. It was without reason or scientific explanation…whenever she entered my presence.

The world emptied into grayness with only her figure gleaming towards me. My heartbeat rhythmically coincided to her footsteps as she approached. Her perfume seduced my body through the air that I breathed.  Her smile trapped me in my place.

Yearning raced through my body, awaking my soul, pulsing through me, replenishing my humanity. I am concupiscent, studying her as she graces her fingers through her hair. She was graceful. She was beauty. She converted me to a stuttering fool in her presence.

It was this magical mystery that branded her essence into my conscience resembling a watermark on bonded paper. An eternal watermark that remained even when she faded away.

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