NYC Women’s March

I’ve been visiting New York City the past week. It’s been wonderful working and meeting new people. Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend the Women’s March. It was hard to avoid. People were marching everywhere. There was no “one” direction people marched. They overtook the city. Not just women, but men as well.

If you don’t understand the issues, I won’t try to argue for them here. If you’re against the issues, than I won’t understand you as a person.

I hold women to a high regard. Usually, higher than men. As a result my style of writing is never abusive, vulgar, or demeaning to women.

Women are naturally born leaders and multi-taskers. Their lives are not easy – from their painful memories of getting their first period, to child birth, to month cramps, to nursing.

Yet, our society brings them down and contributes to their struggles. Some examples:

  • lack of education or support when they get their first periods
  • shaming women for being sexually active; while men are praised
  • difficulties with obtain contraceptions or options of birth control
  • greater difficulties finding option for an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy
  • shaming women for public nursing
  • stereotyping women’s behavior resulting from PMS
  • equal wages
  • sufficient paid maternity leave
  • shaming women for what they wear

We can no longer let this continue – no matter where your politics hold, women are far to valuable and precious to be left behind.

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