The Cabin

A original short story by me where a two people catch themselves exploring the fall experience, only to be met with an unexpected adventure through the woods.

The summer months faded; the autumn leaves descended from the tall trees forming a vibrant carpet covering over the country road. These colorful leaves laid and bounced off the front windshield as I navigated the steering wheel through the wooded pathway, holding your hand by my side. Country RoadThe powerful energy of the car engine escorted us through the vacant road. You feel safe with me at the wheel, feeling my fingers crossed with your own. The day was warm; the rays of the sun warmly bounced against your skin, while the cool breeze flowed through your hair. Our westward journey through the mountain range was peaceful. The road was empty with an occasional sign of civilization. As I drove, I would glance over at you. You’re wearing tight jeans with leather boots and a cute beige cotton knit sweater. I am wearing khaki pants and a long sleeved polo shirt with hiking-boots. My hand is placed on your thigh as the other hand steers. We packed bags for this trip. It was our first time away together; we were both nervous about this weekend. It was a next step in our relationship. We have a romantic hotel in the mountains waiting for us. We are excited. You turn on the radio and start singing with the music. I smile.

Suddenly, you notice a sign ahead. “Look, there’s a scenic overlook ahead! Let’s stop and get pictures?!” you ask. I agree and start to slow down to make the off-ramp turn into the small marked parking lot ahead. We can hear the gravel stones crushing and pressing into each other as the wheels lay unto them as we stop. The car is parked. We get out and stretch our bodies and make our way to the scenic overlook. We walk down around the tall trees that obstruct our view. The scenery finally reaches our eyes; it is a majestic sight that you only see in pictures. We are at a high attitude but we can see a lake and a few cabins below us. The water is a deep blue color. The trees are colorful. We take a few pictures and a few “selfies”.

“I love this!” you say excitedly. You kiss me. I kiss you back longer. You reach out to hold my hand. “I want to get pictures down there by the lake. The hike doesn’t look too far away and it’s all downhill,” you explain. I suggest we have a relaxing meal down there since the hike back up may be exhausting. I grab a bag containing our food, water, and some blankets. I hold your hand and lead you down the path.

After a 20-minute hike downhill we finally arrive to the edge of the lake. The view is breathtaking. We setup a picnic and eat. As we’re sitting down eating we see that clouds are quickly moving in. “Let’s take some pictures before it gets too cloudy,” you say. I agree and we start to take pictures. I start to pack up our things. I fear it may rain and make our uphill walk quite difficult.

Suddenly, several large thunderous cracks invade our setting. A lightening bolt engulfs the sky shortly thereafter. rain-forestWe know what’s coming. The rain starts… first slowly, then faster, and harder, until it is pouring on us. Quickly we head back to our path. A small stream is already flowing downhill. “We can’t hike back up. It’s too dangerous and we could slip on this mud,” I explain. “I see a cabin over there. We can ask for shelter until this storm passes.” I grab our bag and grasp your hand. We rush to the cabin. The cottage is old and built from logs and stone. It is surrounded by many trees and a collection of various small plants. I reach the door holding your hand…already soaking wet from the rainstorm…I knock and knock. No answer! The thunder is loud so I knock harder. No answer!! We notice a sign  on the door that reads, “We’re on Vacation! Mailman: Please leave packages at the side door.”

cabinrainWe race to the side door and knock again. “I suppose these people are still on vacation,” I yell loudly, as the thunder and rainstorm gets louder and louder. “Perhaps one of these windows is open!” You fear we may get in trouble. The storm is cold and cruel. “It doesn’t look like they’re coming back any time soon!” We start to check window after window. Finally… one is unlocked! I help you penetrate inside through the window. “Hello?! Anyone home?” you ask, “Hello?” No answer. You rush over to the door to open it for me and yell, “It’s empty!” I quickly charge in.

The roaring flames engulf the crackling logs as I build a fire in the fireplace. The Cabin begins to glow and warm up. All of a sudden, the power shuts down as lightening bolts land nearby. It’s dark. with only the fire illuminating my view. You’re in the middle of taking a shower so you call out to me, after being startled by the thunder. I light a candle and head your way. The shower is blurred by sound of the strong storm and the rainfall outside. I enter and see your clothes on the bathroom floor. “Are you ok?” I ask. The glow of the candle illuminates the bathroom and shadows the curves of your body through the white shower curtain. “I just got a little scared when the lights went out,” you explain.

I set the candle down on the counter. I take my clothes off and watch them anchor alongside your clothes on the bathroom floor. I slowly join you in the shower through the long white curtains. The silky water shimmers down your beautiful naked body.

showersexI approach you, closer and closer, until our bodies are pressed together, feeling the toasty water flowing from the top of my head, down my shoulder, across your breasts, then down your thighs, feeling the water finally warm our feet. My lips kiss you softly while my hands run their fingers through your hair. You kiss my cheek towards my ear, and then down my neck. My hands move down your back, as I smoothly kiss your lips again. My hand massages your round ass, while my other hand, glides from your abs…lower, and lower, until my fingers begin to sink into your warm wetness. My fingertips gradually rub and dance together with your clit held between them. I finish rinsing us off, I turn off the water, grabbing the large white cotton towels next to us.

I wrap you around as we step out. We dry off and then I kiss you, picking you up and taking you to the bed. You lay on the bed corner, as you see me standing in front of you, facing you, holding your legs, and then slowly opening you wide. I get to my knees and rest my lips on your warm wet pussy. I kiss her, again, and again. She is inviting. I kiss her passionately and then feeling my warm tongue slide into her. I explore your opening, moving up and down. My hands hold your thighs around my face. My tongue continues its adventure moving in circles around your throbbing clit. Around and around… soft then slow… taking a pause to tease you with a kiss… back to melting my lips against your wetness. The rainfall rhythmically drums against the bedroom windows with an occasional sound of thunder and flash of lightening. But these sounds are muddled with the sounds of your joy, your ecstasy. I moan back enjoying your taste. You get louder and louder, moaning out pure delight. The fireplace continues to bring a warm glow to the room.

IMG_1775Suddenly, your fingers dig deep into the bed sheets, clawing. You lift your legs gradually, as the blood rushes throughout your orgasmic body, from your head to your toes, intensely shaking you all over. Your moans are loud and deep. Your lips quiver as you feel me slowly depart from your wetness, wiping my chin with a smile. I move you closer to the center of the bed and begin to kiss your breasts, sucking on your nipples. You’re still jittering, but your nipples get hard quickly. My hands warm the softness of your skin. Kissing you down your side, reaching your belly, I begin to move up, back to the center of your cleavage, up your neck, and around your ears. You look deep into my eyes, as you regain your strength. You kiss me, and begin to wrap your legs around me. Our cheeks are pressed together.

I whisper your name into your ear, telling you how amazing you feel; how sexy you are to me. You start to tell me how good you feel, while my thick hardness moves closer and closer to your wet opening. It sinks…deep…deeper. You moan and start to intensify. You can feel me throbbing and pulsing deep inside you. I thrust against you, your body wrapped in my arms, feeling me breathing on your shoulder with the movement. Your tightness gets me harder….in then out…in then out. Teasing you with the tip of manhood, against your pounding feminine spot. I press my tip against it, and then massage it in circles. Your moans are uncontrolled now, and later I submerge back inward, thrusting harder. Your legs are moved to my shoulders, and I hold your hands, pulling you towards me to feel you closer. Over and over I make love to you.

Your juices drip down my shaft, and surround my balls, as they continually bound against you with every thrust. Over and over, until… a distant silence, life is at a pause, my hands wrap around your head as I bring my lips to your lips, and suddenly we both feel an intense release, hard and strong. We struggle to catch our breaths, while I slow my movements. I endure the pulsing feeling of my spirit flowing into you, pulling out gently and laying next to you. I pull the sheets over us and embrace your naked body with mine, wrapping you in my arms.

The next morning is quiet and peaceful. The sun is rising and returning life to the rested. The electrical power returns and I get up to wash and dry our clothes and bedsheets, while you begin breakfast. We can hear the birds chirping. The earth is recovering from the storm. We pack our clothes and get ourselves ready to continue our journey. Life reminds us to expect the unexpected and to embrace life when things don’t go as planned. We leave everything as we found it and are thankful that we were sheltered by this unexpected hideaway; the Cabin.

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