What do you do about Writer’s Block?


Writer’s Block – It’s the worse! Especially when you have so much to say, and no outlet to really say it. I’ll explain.

In the past, when I date, I would find wonderful, energetic, and passionate women, it inspired writing. Women are real treasures and have so much to offer. Even if we weren’t “right for each other” there was a great joy of discovering her and learning more about her dreams and desires. I would go home and write about her; writing about seduction, romance, exploring her as we got to know each other. Every story was different and tailored to a personality.

After entering an exclusive relationship, the writing stopped. It doesn’t mean I love her any less. She is my world and it keeps growing. I just couldn’t express myself through stories anymore. What does one do? Re-write old stories that never made it out? Write about dreams? Write stories about new people I meet, as long as it never becomes physical? Can someone express their passion and emotions that way knowing it would never be more? How does one extract new inspiration in a new situation?

There have been many sleepless nights as a result because that writing energy isn’t released.


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