The Outfit

Hurriedly moving up the steps of the courthouse, Louis Vuitton briefcase in left hand, wavy hair flowing with every step, you rescue your white cashmere scarf with your right hand, before the wind takes it prisoner.  The cool autumn air creeped in, making it necessary to wear your red Akris double face wool coat.  You approach the security gate.

You quickly let go of the outfit in order to get through security. All eyes are on you, while your eyes are directed past the gate, down the hallway to the door you seek. Elegantly building your outfit back on you like a knight places her armor for war, you step forward.  Your Louboutin shoes confidently announce your presence with the click-clack taps onto the marble floors.

The heavy old wood doors creak open for you, held by two “men”. These fools can only look away as you walk passed them. You advance pass the bench seats, through the bar, and place your briefcase down at counsel’s table.

Your unrelenting eyes lures the Bailiff towards you. With a polite smile, you ask, “Is the Judge ready for me?”

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